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How To Find the Right Tax Advisor Near You

A dependable tax advisor can be indispensable – for personal and business tax concerns. While it’s a great idea to do your research and find the right fit, you should also take into consideration where they are located.


tax advisor

While COVID-19 has taught everyone the benefits of working remotely, meeting in person still carries a variety of benefits. Even if you can’t meet in a tax advisor’s office, there are other places where face-to-face meetings are possible.


Working with a tax advisor that’s near you has other benefits. They’ll be completely familiar with the tax laws of your state and the changes that are constantly taking place. They should also have knowledge of local rules and ordinances, along with licensing guidelines that can help with preparing your taxes.


When you work with a local tax advisor, you can also tap into his or her network of other professionals – and that makes the process easier and more accurate.  For instance, if your tax preparer knows your investment advisor, exchanging information and planning for your financial and tax situations can be streamlined and done with a “full picture” perspective.  


The Search

Typing in “tax advisor near me” into any search engine will generate a host of results – and that can be overwhelming. Most likely you’ll have to sift through paid advertisements from nationwide firms, along with results that might not fit what you need.


If you conduct some research before sitting down in front of your laptop, the search will be easier. Talk with your peers and network, they’ll be able to provide you with honest answers and experiences. The key here is to narrow your search – if you cast too wide a net you might defeat the purpose of going with a local firm.


After you’ve completed your initial search, take the time to review possible tax advisors. Check out their websites, and if they have a blog it’s wise to read several of their entries. Look for professionally written blogs that are current, and see if you can find verified endorsements.


Don’t forget to investigate their social media channels. You’ll be able to determine their level of involvement with clients, and see what others have to say. Social media posts can help you gauge how invested a tax advisor is in the local community.


Other resources to visit include:

  • Local chamber of commerce website
  • Association websites
  • State websites


Don’t stop your research once you’ve chosen a tax advisor based on their location. You need to ask them questions to determine their level of experience and knowledge. 


Inquire about their process, along with what financial records they need to get from you. Remember that tax advisors are looking to the future, so ask about tax breaks and possible rule changes that are on the horizon.


Go Local!

When you hire a local tax advisor like Taurus, you are doing more than just supporting a local business.


Our offices are located in Ellicott City and are easy to access. We’re always ready to answer your questions and schedule appointments so we can get to know you better.


If you have questions about our services or need to speak with one of our experts, contact us today.


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