At Taurus CPAs, we are committed to our core values of Integrity, Quality and Reliability.

About Us

Taurus CPA Solutions is a full service accounting, tax and consulting firm offering a broad range of professional services focused on the needs of business owners. We take the fear out of finances by providing solutions and education to our clients, allowing them to make better business decisions.

Why Taurus?

People born under the Taurus sign are known for being dependable, patient, practical and ambitious. They are known to be good with finances, and hence, make efficient financial managers. Tammy and Brett, the founding members of Taurus CPAs share the same birthdate in May and possess all the qualities and traits of a true Taurus.


We are

CPA Solutions.


The team at Taurus CPA truly believe in how important integrity should be to any business or relationship. We take pride in building trusting relationships with our clients.


We take the time to thoroughly walk through the best course of action for your financial needs because we believe that effort and time equals outstanding quality.


We believe your time is better spent on your business than worrying about financial deadlines. You can depend on us to for timely completion and accuracy of the services we provide.

Our partners are there every step of the way. What can Taurus do for you?

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your financial needs!

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