Tax Preparation & Filing

Tax preparation and planning are ongoing efforts that require attention to the smallest of details throughout the entirety of the year. It’s not enough to gather your financial paperwork mere weeks ahead of the April tax deadline, quickly crunching the numbers and assuming you’ve minimized your tax liability.  Being haphazard with your taxes could cause you to lose hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars that, had you properly prepared, could have been saved and better spent elsewhere.

Professional Tax Guidance

Our notoriously complicated state and federal tax systems make it that much more difficult for everyday people to take advantage of the many loopholes and strategies available to minimize tax liability. This is why Taurus CPA Solutions’ tax preparation and planning services are so important.


We always have your best interests in mind when determining what strategies to use in preparing your taxes. Our aim is to reduce your personal tax liabilities as much as possible through continuous planning.  This approach is in stark contrast to most tax preparation services that merely analyze the previous year’s tax returns in order to prepare. We meet with clients one on one to discuss their personal goals. Sit down with our tax experts and learn about the various tax implications applicable to your unique situation. We also work to predict the impact your earnings, investments, and other sources of income may have on your future taxes.

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Custom-Tailored Tax Solutions for You

No two individuals’ tax situations are the same. The tax plan ideal for your neighbor or co-worker will not prove suitable for you. Taurus CPA Solutions creates fully customized tax plans to best suit you and your goals. We have helped individuals facing unique tax challenges with deferred income strategies, investment tax reduction methods, asset protection techniques, the use of charitable donations to offset tax liability, and more. This is the comprehensive, ongoing tax planning and prep you need to protect as much of your hard-earned money as possible. After all, you earned it, so you should be able to keep as much of it as possible. We’re here to help you protect your earnings.

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